About Denture Repairs


Dentures are artificial devices that are used in the replacement of missing teeth. They usually come in a plate or frame that holds one or more artificial teeth. Dentures can be removed and inserted as one wishes, and they may be comfortable at first and take time to get used to. As much as dentures are made with high durability, they are not as durable as natural teeth. They may look like natural teeth but they are can break easily. Dentists usually advise individuals with dentures to replace them after three or four years. Dentures are vulnerable, and if they are dropped or you bite something hard on them, they can easily get damaged.

Also, if dentures are worn for a long period, they can experience wear and tear and become misaligned. If your dentures are misaligned or broken, this opens up a variety of oral issues. Some of the problems that can arise due to damaged dentures include sore gums, irritating gums, and infected gums. Therefore, dentures that are damaged need to be repaired to avoid further dental problems. Your dentist or technician is the one responsible for fixing the problem.

Denture repairs

Your dentist has to inform you about the maintenance of your dentures especially if you are using them for the first time. Unfortunately, even with proper care, dentures can wear out due to constant pressure. Also, there are cases where you jawbone structure shrinks in size, and this causes the denture to become loose. In such an instance you need to visit your physician with the dentures so that they can be relined to fit your size. It is essential that this is noted early so that it can be corrected. This way, the dentist can improve the fit of your dentures and ensure they are not falling off. This can easily be done right at the dentist’s office.

If more damage is done to the dentures and much more changes are needed to it, it is sent to the dentist’s lab. This happens in situations where the dentures are broken. In the lab, the technician will find the cause of the problem before rectifying it. Dentures are made from acrylic which can easily be added when it is broken. This way the structure of the denture can easily be reinforced to ensure the durability of the product. Dentures that are fractured can also be repaired this way to bond the area that is fractured.

Denture maintenance

Dentures need to be maintained constantly to ensure they do not get damage. This does not take away from the fact that they will need repair over time but ensures that they last longer. Dentures are small and can easily drop from your hand while carrying them. It is thus important that you store them correctly to avoid them from falling. Another way to ensure your dentures last longer is that they fit correctly. If you have upper and lower dentures that do not align properly, the pressure caused by biting and chewing can cause them to fracture. If you notice your dentures are loose visit your dentist to have, them adjusted to the right fit. It is safe to repair your dentures once they are damaged to avoid any dental issues that may arise.


Luckily, dentures are made from materials that can be replaced and repaired. You, therefore, do not need to get new dentures each time yours get broken or fractured. Simply visit your dentist to have them inspected and repaired. Also, it is essential that in every four years you replace your dentures because they are probably worn out.