About Us

Dental Horizons Mission

Our mission is straightforward; “to create a positive and memorable dental experience”. Dental Horizons serve the entire Boulder/Longmont community knowing every smile adds to that community’s vitality. A healthy smile is often the vanguard of a healthy body and attitude. Multiply that and things get exciting!

As part of our approach to oral health, every person under our care experiences compassionate, professional, and friendly staff, each personally committed to your satisfaction. The care we provide is comprehensive, quality, predictable and long-lasting to achieve your optimal oral health.

As dental professionals committed to making a difference in your care, we relentlessly pursue excellence in our individual fields through ongoing education and continuous improvement. We want your dental decisions to be well informed and customized to your needs. While we do keep things moving forward, affordable and comfortable, our approach is notably different than rushed treatments offered in some discount dental franchises. You are one of a kind and deserve to feel that way.

Our Brand

Our brand is the summation of the overall experience we provide to our patients, what we do to be a positive influence in our community, and how well we improve around a changing set of patient needs.

As we search beyond what we presently know and can see, we need guidance to make good decisions. Our own dental health is somewhat unknown and we need someone we can trust to show us possibilities beyond what we presently see. We must look to the future, beyond the horizon, to achieve lifetime optimum oral health.

Moving toward the horizon requires us to adapt to change because as we move closer we understand more, and as we understand more, we may change our course. The journey to optimum oral health must be guided by one who can light the way, prevent potential pitfalls of quick fixes, and compromised results that are forced by same day decisions and emergency treatment.

The horizon represents those things we cannot presently see from our viewpoint. Even as a dentist, there are things that I don’t know. I am committed to education, broadening my horizons, and moving toward new and better techniques balanced with proven systems that have withstood the test of time.

As patients seek dental care they too are walking toward something that is somewhat unknown. They seek trust and assurance to know that what is beyond the horizon is better than what they presently know.

The spirit of our brand, as characterized by the lighthouse over the Rockies, ensures that we are always looking for the best way to achieve optimum oral health for every patient and that your smile is the ever-present product of our efforts. So we hope you will choose Dental Horizons as your Longmont Dentist.

The care we provide is comprehensive, quality, predictable and long-lasting

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