The Abraham Project by Dr. Andrew Kelson

chairside2.MissionTrip2015My wife and I recently returned from Costa Rica while serving a dental mission as well as celebrated my 40th birthday.  We had a wonderful time together and met some wonderful service missionaries that have dedicated much of their life to build the “Abraham Project.”  The facility is a fulfillment of one man’s vision to help the complete well-being of those in need.  The center serves to provide spiritual (church), emotional (counseling), and health (dental, medical) resources to those that need them as well as serves as a refuge for abandoned children until they can be adopted.  I was amazed to see and hear about the miracles that this organization has had over the last 20 years and was inspired by the visionaries that drive its growth.  It was an honor to contribute in one small way and I am grateful for you and my team for supporting the trip.

MissionTrip2015On Sunday, we ventured out to find our church and worship with the local congregation.  I admit the adventure was a comical charade as we tried to communicate with our driver with our limited Spanish and his limited English.  Left with essentially body language, patience, and a prayer, we finally arrived at our destination and were able to find some English speaking friends.  As the week progressed, I was grateful for wonderful translators that I could trust to help me communicate with my patients.  The experience reminded me of the potential vulnerable and anxious feelings that many of you may have when laying in a dental chair, and am grateful for the trust you give to me and my team to treat your dental needs.