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Our practice is founded on the idea that patients should always come first when it comes to dental care. Whether you just need a routine cleaning or require a series of extensive procedures, we will treat you with the compassion necessary to ensure that you can feel confident about your dental health. Our dentists are trained and licensed to complete almost any cosmetic dental procedure that you could need and will work closely with you to identify the right procedures that will put you on the road to a perfect smile.

How We Are Different

Before starting a new treatment plan, we start by making sure that you understand what available treatment options will entail. If multiple treatments will be necessary, we will work with you to schedule your care ahead of time to match your budget and schedule. By communicating effectively from the beginning, we can accomplish more than practices that merely complete procedures without sufficient planning.

Our practice also has the firm belief that the latest technologies should be incorporated into our care workflow. We only use modern equipment that has been approved by reputable dental associations. We also use technology throughout our office to communicate with our patients in an effective manner and to minimize scheduling delays. Overall, the additional level of effort that we put into improving our cosmetic dentistry services helps to increase patient satisfaction while yielding better results.

Services That We Offer

At Dental Horizons, we offer comprehensive capabilities in cosmetic dentistry. Most of our services are centered around holistic long-term care, but we can also do a broad range of one-time procedures. Some of the cosmetic dental services that we offer include:

Whitening: One of the most common procedures that we complete for patients is teeth whitening. Over time, your teeth can gradually become discolored as you consume certain foods, neglect to brush your teeth or get orthodontic treatments. Whitening is a fast way to reduce discoloration so that you can enjoy a pearly white smile.

Indirect fillings: When patients start to experience tooth decay, cosmetic dental procedures can get more complicated. However, indirect fillings are a permanent solution that we can offer to help reduce the effects of tooth decay without having to remove teeth. Our indirect fillings are custom ordered from a reputable laboratory to ensure that your fillings are a perfect match.

Bonding: Another option to consider when you have tooth decay is composite bonding. We can apply composite material to damaged or decayed teeth that helps to hide existing damage while protecting soft enamel. We can work with you to develop a custom treatment plan to eliminate tooth decay with a mix of fillings, bonds, and veneers.

Dental veneers: In cases where patients suffer from severe tooth decay, dental veneers are often the best option. Veneers can actually look better than real teeth since the products that we use look exactly like healthy teeth. Best of all, veneers are a permanent option that can last a lifetime.

Why Cosmetic Dentistry?

The most common questions that we get from patients are in relation to whether cosmetic dentistry is right for them. The choice of whether to pursue cosmetic dentistry is ultimately a personal choice that patients have to make on their own. However, we can help you to understand when cosmetic dentistry is beneficial and provide you with honest advice about how much it can help in your specific situation.

If you suffer from decayed, damaged, or discolored teeth, cosmetic treatments can help to increase your confidence and give you a better smile. In cases of significant damage, we may be able to get your insurance provider to cover the cost of your treatment. However, since many insurance plans offer only limited coverage for cosmetic procedures, some patients have to pay for their care out of their own pocket. We have partnered with several banks to help patients obtain affordable payment plans that can make cosmetic dentistry a feasible reality in your situation.

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