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If you have lost all your teeth, whether due to periodontal disease, tooth decay, or injury, complete dentures may be an option you should consider. By replacing your teeth you will be improving your appearance as well as preventing muscles from sagging and making you look years older. You will be able to eat and speak again, and regain a confidence that only comes from a healthy smile.

There are various types of dentures to consider. Complete dentures are “conventional” or “immediate” depending on when they are placed in the patients mouth. Immediate dentures can be placed after the removal of the remaining teeth, and the patient does not have to go without teeth during the healing period.

Lower denture (prothesis) upon plaster in white dental laboratory background

A preliminary visit is required to take measurements of the patient’s mouth so the fit is correct when the time comes to place the denture. However, over time the gums and bone heal or shrink, especially during the first few months of healing. A rebasing or relining of the denture may be necessary for them to fit properly. Conventional dentures can be made once the tissue has healed.

For patients that have not lost all their teeth an over-denture is an option. This is a removable denture that fits over remaining teeth. The remaining teeth or implants must provide adequate support to the denture. If you are looking for a dentist near Boulder Colorado, Dr. Kelson would be happy to discuss your options if a denture is something you are considering.

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