DIY Teeth Whitening Tricks To Do At Home

Its nearly summer and everyone is getting ready to be beach ready. The only thing though is that this should not be the only thing that you are focused on when it comes to being photo ready. There are other areas of the body that you should also be concerned with. One of those areas is the teeth.

DIY Home Remedy For Pearly White Teeth

There are a number of things in the home that you can use to help whiten your teeth without spending an arm and a leg in the stores. One of the most common types of home remedies is the use of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. This remedy is one of the oldest solutions to date. There are real stories behind the use of the peroxide and baking soda and it has worked for so long that even dentists will recommend using this method to make your teeth whiter.

Step Out Into The Strawberry Fields

I bet most people did not know that strawberries contain malic acid which is an ideal solution for getting rid of coffee stains. Not only will it work on coffee but it will also work on wine stains, tea and even tar.

You will need to mash up a couple of strawberries and then add some baking soda to it and when done, you will use a small toothbrush to apply this mixture to your teeth. You will rub it in for up to 7 minutes and when done, floss the seeds from in between your teeth and rinse your mouth out. This is not a remedy that you want to use everyday as the acid in the strawberries can also cause damage to your teeth when used everyday or often. You can mix this method up with other methods to get the best results.

Look In Your Cabinets For Apple Cider Vinegar

There have been reports made on the use of apple cider vinegar to whiten teeth. It will be used in a diluted form to give the best results. It will be a ratio of three parts of water to the mixture of one part apple cider vinegar. Once you have made this mixture, you will then mix it with some toothpaste. Once mixed with the toothpaste, you will go on to brush like normal. Over time, you will see how white your teeth can get.

Charcoal Is For More Than Grilling

A new remedy that people are using for removing stains from their teeth is charcoal. This is the hottest new trend for teeth whitening because it will offer more than just whitening, it will also allow for the detoxing of the gums and teeth. When the charcoal is being used, the granules are going to bind to the bacteria which will then remove the stains from the teeth.

You will need to mix charcoal with a small amount of water and then use it to apply to the teeth. Once you do this, you will need to leave the activated charcoal in your mouth for up to 2 minutes. Once you do this, you will then rinse all the charcoal out of your mouth. You will continue to rinse your mouth until there are no traces of charcoal left when you spit out the mixture rinse.

Not all remedies are meant to work the same. Some results will differ between the people who are using them. It will also depend on the amounts of stains left on the individual and the length of time the stains have been there. It will also depend on the shape of the teeth.