We understand that choosing a dentist to care for your family’s oral health is a big decision. Not only is it important to find a clinician who will prioritize and diligently care for your individual smile needs and goals, but it’s also vital that they do everything they can to help you understand the deep connection between optimal oral health and optimal overall health.

At Dental Horizons, every member of our team is committed to helping your family achieve and maintain smiles you can feel proud to share. From our ongoing focus on education (for ourselves and for patients!) to our commitment to communicating openly and honestly in all areas of your care, rest assured that we’re here to “guide generations to a healthy smile!”

Our number one goal is to create a positive and memorable dental experience. We believe that communication with the patient is an important part of framing up that experience. Your first visit will set the stage for ongoing life-long dental health.

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Here's what to expect

when visiting our office for the first time

Front Desk

We work hard to start on time. We need your help to accomplish this goal by having all of your paperwork filled out prior to your arrival or arriving at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete the necessary paperwork. This information is important because it will help us determine which services are right for you. If your medical history is complex, our team may need to modify treatment.

Practice Tour

Here’s your chance to meet our friendly team and get a closer look at our comfortable, convenient, and modern practice. We’ll happily walk you through a number of areas in our office and ensure that you feel at home!


In addition to digital x-rays, we use a small pen-sized camera – called an intraoral camera – to show you what we see when we examine your mouth. Used to check for issues and give us a baseline for your future care, all our diagnostic equipment is digital and set to emit the lowest amount of radiation – as much as 90% less radiation when compared to traditional film x-rays. A full series of radiographs will be taken that allows our doctors to see the teeth, the roots and the bone. We also have special lights that help detect oral cancer and lasers that can help detect small cavities that can be caught early to prevent any pain or discomfort.


Your first exam will be longer than most, even if you’ve had regular appointments before coming to us. We often hear patients comment “this is the most comprehensive exam I’ve ever had.” We take extra time to create a “mouth map,” which ensures we can track changes over time and accurately determine your oral health needs and concerns. We’ll also scan for oral cancer and assess you for TMJ (jaw joint) issues. We believe good long-term comprehensive care begins with good diagnosis.

Treatment Coordination

If you have further questions about recommended treatments or your insurance policy, our team is here to help! From general queries about treatment options and sending predetermination to your insurance provider to signing up for new-patient specials, we’ll take the time to ensure your questions are answered.


There are many types of “cleanings” and not all are created equal. Depending on what your mouth needs, we will perform the necessary hygiene therapy that same day or may need to reschedule you to allow for the appropriate time with your hygienist. Future visits will typically be much faster and consist of an hour appointment.

We’d Love To Be Your Dental Home!

Whether you visit us for an emergency need, preventive or restorative care, a full-smile makeover, or to discuss how we can help you sleep better, it’s important to us that you feel at home while in our care. It would be our honor to build a long-term relationship with you that prioritizes your oral and overall health, smile aesthetic, and comfort!

Welcome To Dental Horizons!