Your First Visit

What to expect on your first visit.

At Dental Horizons, our number one goal is to create a positive and memorable dental experience. We believe that communication with patients is an important part of framing up that experience. Your first visit will set the stage for ongoing life-long optimal dental health.

When you arrive on your first visit, you can expect the following:

After a brief tour, you will receive a comprehensive exam and necessary x-rays. The exam will include a personal interview with the doctor to determine your dental expectations and desires. He will review your health history, as well as perform an oral cancer screening, a periodontal exam, and an exam for decay. Other specific concerns of each patient will be examined and addressed. A full series of radiographs will be taken that allows Dr. Kelson to see the teeth, the roots and the bone. Patients that have extensive dental needs will have intra- and extra-oral photos taken as well as impressions to appropriately communicate to you and other specialists the agreed upon treatment. Treatment will be catered to your needs. Following the exam, you will receive a standard cleaning, as long as periodontal treatment is not necessary. This New Patient process lasts approximately two hours.

For children, their first visit is called a happy visit. We will give the child and parents a tour of the office to familiarize them with the environment. We will share a show and tell presentation for the child to let them see the instruments and ride in the dental chair. We want an enjoyable non-threatening visit for both the child and the parent. We will discuss proper diet and oral hygiene with the parents and polish the child’s teeth. In future visits, we recommend bringing the child back into the dental rooms without the parents to continue to build a relationship of trust with the child.

Please arrive an extra 10 minutes to your scheduled new patient exam to verify that all appropriate paperwork and heath history forms have been completed. We encourage you to use the interactive forms that will be emailed and email directly back to to expedite your visit. You may also print the forms and fill them out prior to your visit, bringing the forms with you upon arrival.

Please complete the applicable New Patient Forms. The Registration Forms are interactive, editable PDF files; you must use acrobat reader to complete these forms to ensure information is transferred properly. Please email back to us at This will expedite the check in process upon arrival. The financial and HIPAA forms are for your review and can be signed when you arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free of charge, from

pdfMinor Patient Registration

pdfAdult Patient Registration

pdfHIPPA Form (Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices)

pdfDental Horizons Financial Policy

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