How Getting All on 4 Dentures Can Be a More Permanent Solution

elderly man with all on 4 dentures

Living with missing teeth can be more than just embarrassing. The longer you go without getting replacement teeth, the more structural problems you might experience with your remaining teeth and jaw. You may be surprised to know that your teeth are used for more than just chewing and talking. In fact, the roots of your teeth provide critical support and structure for your jaw and other teeth. This is why it’s so important to find a more permanent solution after losing multiple teeth simultaneously.

The Traditional Solution

Traditionally, when someone loses multiple teeth simultaneously, the remaining teeth are extracted and the patient is outfitted with dentures. Dentures have been around for a long time, and they were the go-to dental process for helping restore function to the mouth. Unfortunately, they came with a lot of limitations. Often, dentures were loose fitting and even resulted in loss of function. Getting dentures typically meant that you weren’t going to be able to eat your favorites foods anymore and that you might have slurred speech. Luckily, the dental world has advanced to the point that more permanent and appropriate solutions have been created.

All On 4 Dentures

This is where all on 4 dentures come into play. Rather than wear a loose-fitting dental application, you could receive four dental implants on which is placed a full-arch set of prosthetic teeth. This provides a more permanent and more natural-looking solution over traditional dentures. Some other benefits of all on 4 dentures include:

  • Permanent results that look like real and natural teeth
  • No loss of normal function – you can still eat all your favorite foods
  • Little to no need for bone grafting
  • Faster recovery time with a more precise procedure

How It All Works

Let’s look at how the process of getting all on 4 dentures is done. First, you’ll visit your dentist’s office for a consultation appointment. During this appointment, your dentist will take X-rays and perform a full dental examination. This exam helps the dentist better understand your teeth and overall oral health to ensure you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Once your dentist is sure you’d make a good candidate, they’ll create a personalized treatment plan together with you. There are several steps involved in the process, and you’ll both want to be on the same page before you get started. Next, you’ll start the actual process. First, you’ll receive the implants, which are placed directly into your jawbone. After healing, the prosthesis is created and installed upon the implants.

Are You a Candidate?

If you think you might make a good candidate to receive all on 4 dentures, it’s time to set up a consultation appointment! Our dental office will get you started on the process of getting all on 4 dentures, and before you know it, you’ll be back to a full, natural-looking smile in no time. Our skilled staff will help you feel at ease with the entire process so you can be sure you’re receiving the best care possible for your oral health.