Why You Need a General Dentist in Longmont

Woman at the dentist in longmontAt Dental Horizons, we want to help you live a more healthy life, and that starts with regular and effective visits to your family dentist. We serve the entire Boulder/Longmont community, and our mission is to always create a positive and memorable dental experience so you won’t hesitate to come in and get the care you need.

What is General Dentistry?

General dentistry provides care for people of all ages and has a focus on overall dental health. It is one of the most common procedures related to healthcare that most people are likely to receive. While “general dentistry” encompasses a wide range of services, they are generally all focused on prevention.

These services and treatments help prevent cavities and gum disease. And when we can do that, it will help you a more healthy life.

The majority of all general dental procedures performed fall into the diagnostic or preventative areas, which is why your regular checkups are so important. This is the opportunity for you to get properly diagnosed and avoid oral diseases and keep your beautiful, bright smile.

When most people think of general dentistry, they imagine an examination of the teeth and gums, maybe taking x-rays and having their teeth professionally cleaned.

While these are all certainly part of the process, it actually goes much further than that. You can divide general dentistry into a few basic categories:

The Diagnosis

When you come in for your regular exam, we’ll look closely at your teeth and gums. This is when we will look closely for any signs of tooth decay or gingivitis. We will also pay close attention to any signs of oral cancer.

We can use x-rays to detect any decay, infections, gum disease, bone loss, and any other abnormalities that may be cause for concern.

The earlier the diagnosis, the sooner we can recommend the correct treatment.

The Preventative Dental Services

Preventative services start with professional teeth cleanings. We will make sure that any plaque and tartar buildup is removed from your teeth, including all the stuff that you simply can’t reach with your at-home routines.

We can also apply sealants if necessary, and fit you for a sports mouth guard if you’re involved in some rough activities and want to protect your teeth.

The Restorative Dental Services

General dentistry also includes a range of services to remove decay or repaired damage or missing teeth. This is also the kind of treatment that can help relieve pain if you’re experiencing serious pain from either damage or decay. These services include:

The Cosmetic Services

Although cosmetic dentistry is often seen as a more specialized area of the field, there are many treatments that we offer that fall under the general dentistry category.

Teeth whitening, for example, is a very common service, but we also provide composite fillings that match the color of your teeth. Implants could also fit in this category, because they certainly restore your smile to a beautiful whole, but it is also a functional restoration that helps you eat and speak normally again.

The Follow-up

After our diagnosis and after all the preventative measure have been taken, we can then determine if there’s a specialized treatment you need. From there, we can work closely with you to plan out a custom oral health routine that will help keep you healthy and smiling.

Improving Your Health

The body is a connected organism, and problems in one area can cause concerns in another. There has been a lot of research lately on how dental diseases can lead to serious problems. Some of this research has connected oral infections to cardiovascular diseases and poor control of diabetes. Even low birth weights are potentially related to poor dental health.

Keeping your mouth healthy is an important part of maintaining your overall health. At Dental Horizons, we’re committed to providing the general dentistry that Longmont residents need. Get in touch with us to set up your next appointment.