How Our Office Provides a Solution to all Your Dental Needs!

Whether you are concerned about a toothache that’s been bothering you or interested in sprucing up your smile with whitening or cosmetic procedures, our office has the ability to meet any concerns with confidence and expertise. Our staff is well trained and knowledgeable and capable of helping you with any of your dental concerns.

A close-up look at our office:

First and foremost we understand that each of our patients are unique individuals who require various types of individualized care. We are a positive influence in our community and pride ourselves on building relationships with our patients. Each and every one of them is welcome as family here and not just looked at as numbers.

With the help and input of our patients we know we are serving our community with the highest and best oral health practices available. Our number one concern is you and helping you find the best possible path to exceptional oral health care.

What we have to offer:

  • Bridges – These are used to replace missing teeth by building a natural looking tooth that is anchored by the two surrounding-healthy teeth. The result is a seamlessly crafted tooth that allows you to smile with confidence without the gap of a missing tooth. Bridges allow you to continue enjoying a normal day of chewing activities, such as your favorite steak, with all the comfort of a natural tooth.
  • Composite Fillings – Gone are the days of silver fillings, well at least in our office. We choose a mixture of glass or quartz in a resin to create a more natural tooth colored composite. Because of its bonding ability this type of filling provides excellent strength when it comes to chewing forces. They blend perfectly with your natural tooth, and unlike amalgam fillings, they contain zero traces of the harmful toxin: mercury.
  • Invisalign – Nothing shows more confidence (or lack thereof) like a perfectly straight-sparkling smile. For some they got lucky and were born with straight teeth, but others require a little help from us. Invisalign is a great options for turning that misaligned smile into one you’ll be proud to show off. Instead of traditional metal brackets, this option aligns teeth using a series of clear-plastic trays to straighten crowding or spacing.
  • Radiographs – This plays a vital part in detecting tooth decay. X-Rays can help us identify bone loss, abnormalities, gum disease, abscesses, and even some types of tumors that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Early diagnosis of these conditions stop disease from progressing to an emergency situation.
  • Dentures & Implants – No matter what the reason for losing all of your teeth, whether it be from periodontal disease, tooth decay, or injury, dentures is a great option to explore when looking to regain your smile and confidence. Dentures allow you the luxury to remove them from your mouth, whereas implants are a more permanent solution. Implants are titanium screws that fuse to the jaw bone and create a permanent anchor for the replacement tooth or teeth. Both are amazing options. Discuss with our office to decide if one may be better for you than the other. We are here to help you get that smile back.

These are just a few of the many procedures we offer in our office, but no matter how big or how small, from routine cleanings to root canals and extractions, our office can address all of your dental needs with expert knowledge and confidence. Call our office today and ask any of our exceptionally trained team members any questions you may have about the services we offer.