Our lighthouse shines on a small village orphanage in Guatemala.

When we are really lucky, our sense of community affords us global connections. Dr. Kelson and two friends, upon hearing about some real challenges in Guatemala, decided to open a free clinic to help out the Guatemalan locals. “It was a real paradigm shift” according to Dr. Kelson acknowledging that just a few people can really impact the lives of so many.

In February of 2008 Dr. Kelson traveled to Panajachel, Guatemala with another dentist and translator to provide dentistry to underprivileged orphan children. They treated over forty children and then opened their services up to the public at large the last day they were there. They packed two portable dental units and other dental equipment into four large suitcases and then carried their clothing in small duffle bags. They also brought a bag of soccer shoes and soccer balls that had been donated by some friends to give to the children. Dr. Kelson provided pro bono dental services consisting of fillings, cleanings, and extractions. This was a donation of the heart accomplished with personal funds.