Doing Our Part to Making Longmont Smile

When Dr. Andrew Kelson opened this dental office, he wanted to bring the people here a dentist Longmont who listens to them and provides treatment catered to their individual needs. As an agricultural city, the people here are great neighbors and watch out for one another. Our office has built up a staff with the reputation of the same qualities. Just as neighbors help eachother, we strive to help all our patients protect from and rebuild any damage to teeth.

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Protecting Your Teeth

Protecting teeth from damage comes in several different forms. The two main ways are through education and regular dental cleanings while the other is in protection from damage.

Education and Cleanings

Just one focus of our business comes in education on proper flossing and brushing. During regular dental visits, we clean the mouth well but it depends on the maintenance in between cleanings too. Our staff is always ready and willing to answer questions and give suggestions to help you keep your teeth healthy between visits. Other preventative measure taken are sealants to protect the teeth and radiographs which help detect decay, bone loss, infection, abnormalities, and other problems undetectable by sight alone.

Protection from Damage

Many of our patients play full contact sports, which is dangerous without the proper equipment. Just like the college team at Colorado State University would never walk out on the field without their pads and helmets, no one should play full contact sports without a mouth guard. A professionally made guard will be made to specifically fit and protect the teeth it is made for. Other protective measures might include extractions, scaling, and night guards when grinding teeth is an issue.

Rebuilding the Teeth

Cavities and root canals are considered the most common form of tooth repair. Damage also happens in other forms though too, including the gum tissue around them. Occasionally, teeth are claimed in the process of repair, but ignoring problems can be hazardous to a person’s overall health. Painful spots and crooked teeth make eating hard and smiling less desirable. Missing teeth changes a person’s smile, but also can harm the shape of the face and the structure of the remaining teeth. Some of the solutions our office provides for all of these problems and more are:

  • Invisalign- for a discreet way to straighten teeth, correct bites, and more
  • Bridges, Crowns, and Implants- to replace missing teeth and provide strength to remaining teeth
  • Dentures- for our patients who are missing multiple teeth
  • Gum Maintenance- to treat gum disease in different levels and keep the teeth in the tissue

Part of rebuilding a smile is to help every patient feel comfortable showing their teeth. For some patients, teeth whitening and veneers are requested to give a smile an even more desirable appearance.

No matter what kind of dental service you need, our office is here to help. We want all our patients to trust us and know we will always do the best we can to make their mouths healthy and last a lifetime.