Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Different Kinds Of Cosmetic Dental Procedures Available To You

Now that we are in the era of Instagram the phrase “Putting your best face forward” has become quite literal. Sure there’s the skin aspect, with the acne, make-up, and what have you. Then there’s the hair. Hair needs to be on point. A hair disaster can mess up anyone’s day. Are we forgetting something? Oh yeah, how about the smile?

Having a good smile is important. Imagine taking a picture and having a sad look on your face. Actors, models, and public speakers need to be able to smile at a moments notice. The best smile is all about showing your teeth. You know some people call it the “Colgate Smile”. There are some who need a bit of help to bring that kind of smile out.

With the help of cosmetic dentistry, people have a chance to let other see their best smile. There are several types of cosmetic dentistry to choose from. It can be as easy as teeth whitening or as complex as dental implant.

Let’s start off easy. Teeth whitening, or bleaching is just how it sounds. It is a procedure to give you pearly whites. Coffee, tea, and other foods effect the color of your teeth. It’s a fact of life that teeth will get a bit yellow over time. When you talk people can see your teeth, so imagine if you are in a professional setting. No matter what job it is, that perfect white smile is going to make the best impression.

Another procedure is dental veneers. This is good for small imperfections like a crooked tooth or a slight chip. It’s great for those who have natural gaps in their teeth. Some people don’t mind having a gap in their front teeth and more power to them. For everyone else getting veneers is a viable option.

When we eat sometimes we chomp on things that give our teeth some trouble. Over time the teeth can get ground down and become misshapen. This is where the dental crowns come in handy. Whether it’s for the aforementioned misshapen tooth or to take the place of a pulled tooth, dental crowns are there to do the work. They are made sturdy and can handle the pressure from a bite.

Tooth shaping, or enamel shaping , is all about the dentist reshaping your teeth. Some times they add to or remove some of the tooth’s enamel. This procedure is typically not painful and the results are immediate.

One other cosmetic dental procedure is tooth bonding. This one is for those who have done a number on their teeth. We’re talking about the badly chipped, the awfully stained, and even the down right broken. The front teeth especially. The dentist will bond material to the teeth to give them the appearance of looking whole.

Have you ever seen the movie “Dumb And Dumber”? One of the lead actors, Jim Carrey has a chipped tooth in that movie. Fun fact, that is his real tooth and he had his dental bonding done when he was much younger.

Whether it’s a tooth whitening or something a bit more serious, don’t hesitate to consult your dentist. Having a cosmetic dental procedure can have tremendous positive benefits. Let’s not forget that people will miss out on your great smile if you don’t.