Scaling and Root Planing: (Sc/RP)

Scaling and root planing is used to non-surgically treat periodontal disease, a disease caused by your body’s response to bacteria being present underneath the gums. Your body’s natural defense then destroys the soft tissue and bone surrounding your teeth. Bleeding or red gums, bad breath, and mobile teeth are all a few of the signs of possible periodontal disease. Left untreated this disease will result in continued bone loss, and eventual loss of the teeth. Sc/RP is used to treat mild cases of periodontitis and will hopefully be managed to prevent more invasive surgical treatment.

There are several factors that can increase your susceptibility and risk of periodontitis including: heredity, poor oral health habits, tobacco use, diabetes, hormone changes (such as those due to pregnancy), substance abuse, ill-fitting dental restorations, sleep apnea and chronic inflammatory diseases. Periodontitis has been shown to be associated with other health problems such as coronary artery disease, stroke, low birth weight babies, respiratory problems, and poorly controlled diabetes. Research has shown that the bacteria responsible for the disease can travel through your bloodstream, affecting many other systems of the body. We are dedicated to understanding the warning signs and preventing this disease from destroying the health of our patients. Please come in for a checkup where we are now performing a periodontal check with every hygiene visit.

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