Sports Mouth Guards

Sport participation is a great way to stay physically fit as well as pursue a passion you love. Training, stretching and wearing protection helps you enjoy the sport longer by preventing injury. What often goes overlooked is the protection of your teeth. Even if you don’t participate in a high contact sport, the risk of injury to your mouth is still there.

Breaking or knocking out teeth as a result of playing a sport not only ruins your smile, but it could lead to additional problems and costly dental work. Oral injuries can also result in pain and discomfort.  Continuing to play with missing teeth lowers our chances to save your natural teeth.

What Sport Mouth Guards Do

A regular blue moulded sports gum guard on an isolated background

To prevent trauma to your mouth while playing the sport you love, a mouth guard is highly recommended. Mouth guards are worn by professional and amateur athletes, to prevent various sorts of dental trauma including fractured, chipped, displaced, or even lost teeth.

There are many different kinds of mouth guards available that can be found in stores and in dental offices. While the store mouth guards may be better to your wallet, they don’t offer a custom fit and therefore can cause discomfort when worn. These mouth guards are bulky and make it hard to breathe and speak.

Getting a custom mouth guard at our office will ensure a customized fit specifically to your mouth and teeth. This will give you the maximum amount of comfort and protection so you can better focus on your game. Our customized mouth guards can be made in a matter of a few days so you can quickly get out on the field.

You can’t afford to lose your teeth. Call us today to set up a sports mouth guard appointment today so you can be fully prepared to play. At Dental Horizons, we also have snore and night mouth guards to protect your teeth while you’re getting a much needed night’s rest before your big game.

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