Your Mouth Is For Eating & Your Nose Is For Breathing

3D scanning technology available at your dentist in Longmont

You don’t eat through your nose, so why do you breathe through your mouth? It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. Does it? We’ve had many patients ask us as their dentist in Longmont, “Why would it matter if you breathe through your nose or mouth – as long as the air is getting to my lungs?” Nose …

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Sleep Apnea? Your Dentist In Longmont Can Help

Sleep apnea is a disorder that results in the momentary cessation of breathing throughout the night. These involuntary pauses in breathing might seem like a small thing, but for some people, they occur up to sixty or more times per hour for a duration of up to 30 seconds each time… That’s almost FOUR hours of no breathing in an …

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