The Pros and Cons of Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips are popular, with years of use. A bright smile is important to many to achieve success. Whitening, in many forms, is a huge business. People find the strips to be more affordable than going to the dentist. While there are dangers, there are also benefits for using them. A person needs to make sure they are aware of both to make sure of correct usage of the strips.

Different types of strips

There are two types of strips one applies to the teeth. The first strip is one that dissolves as soon as it comes in contact with saliva. This type is a descendant of the breath freshening strips that started out in the 1990s. The dissolve in approximately 15 to 20 minutes. The second sort of strip stays on your teeth for 30 minutes before you pull them off. These are polyethylene strips used for the two week variety.

There are subtle differences in the chemistry of the different strips. Some use hydrogen peroxide, while others use carbamide peroxide. Most companies prefer to use hydrogen peroxide, as it does not need the water that the carbamide peroxide does. Carbamide peroxide is a stable chemical, so it doesn’t work as quickly. A person needs to also be aware and that there are two concentrations to be aware of. The ten percent peroxide is for the 7 day model. The 6 percent peroxide is for the fourteen day strips.

Dangers from using strips

The first thing anyone should be aware of is that hydrogen peroxide is a poison for the human body. In low doses, it will not kill you but can make you sick. Saying that properly using the strips will not make you sick. Watch out for your stomach becoming upset. That is the first sign anything is wrong.

Another issue that can arise is uneven bleaching. A person needs to make sure that they apply all parts to the teeth correctly. Not doing so will have parts of the teeth still yellow.

If the strips have chlorine dioxide, the enamel will wear away. Chlorine dioxide has a use in cleaning pools. Enamel removal can lead to tooth decay. That can bring issues later on in life. Make sure to study the ingredients and proper usage.

There is a risk if the strips come in contact with the gums. That can cause inflammation and discoloration. If you have issues, discontinue use until you make sure you are using everything in the correct manner.

If you use the strips on a regular basis, make sure that you let your dentist know. They can make sure of any issues. It also allows them to know what is happening with your teeth for their notes.

While there are risks, experts say millions use whitening strips every year. Being aware of the risks will allow you to have no issues. White teeth make people look at you in a more positive way. It will help you in job interviews and other tasks that will have people paying attention to your teeth. Strips are inexpensive and will help whiten in one or two weeks. That is why they are so popular.