My Visit to the Longmont Farmers’ Market

The Longmont Farmer’s Market is a fun gathering for people of all ages. Local farmers and vendors gather weekly starting in the spring to sell their goods.

When visiting the Farmer’s Market, you can expect to see lots of things you might not see in a traditional shopping setting. At the big box grocery stores, it’s nearly impossible to meet the person or people who grew your food, made the craft product or other items you can purchase. When you spend money at a traditional store, that money is dispersed along several places and only some makes it back to the maker. The Farmer’s Market is totally different. Every dollar you spend goes right back into the community, which is good for everyone.

The Longmont Farmer’s Market runs every Saturday from April to November from 8 am to 1 pm at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. This setting is perfect to walk around and see all the different vendors. Parking is free as well!

There is a huge range of vendors at the Farmer’s Market from beer to vegetables. There are dozens of different vendors at the fairgrounds each week. But it’s more than just a place to buy produce. There are also vendors selling baked goods, hot food, pastries, and other made to order food. The best plan of action is making a whole day of the Farmers Market. You can gather with family and friends and have a meal, browse and enjoy a beautiful day.
There’s also live music to make the market feel like more of an experience.

Every fourth Saturday of the month there is also an artisan feature of the market. This is a great opportunity to buy gifts, wares and speciality items. This is the perfect opportunity to buy something unique that you can’t find anywhere else.

There is also a great opportunity to meet and see local chefs in action. The market partners with EatDenver to bring local chefs to the market to demo recipes with local ingredients. The chefs arrive early and select food right from the market offerings that week. Then they cook for a crowd, answer questions and come up with a dish on the spot. The weekly newsletter lets visitors know what’s in season, so they can see what to expect at this event. It also includes recipes, vendor profiles and notifications about special events.

The Farmer’s Market is the perfect place to try something new as well. Many vendors bring lots of unique items and creations. It could be the perfect chance to try something fun like a purple potato or a new kind of apple.

The Farmer’s Market is also a place to check in on your health. Some vendors are certified organic and they’ll be clearly labeled. But all the vegetables and fruits are local, not processed and you know exactly where they come from.

Farmer’s Markets and healthy lifestyles are becoming more and more popular. The Longmont Farmer’s Market brings this to Colorado residents for sure. It’s not only a fun activity but a way to revitalize the community, local farms, the job market and so much more.

There are also actives designated for kids, like games and exhibits. But there’s also an opportunity for kids to see where food comes from and how important that is. Kids and adults alike can learn about growing produce, crops, and even cooking tops. It’s a great place for so many people to experience something new. It’s bound to become a weekly tradition!