What Education is Needed to Become a Dentist?

Becoming a Dentist is similar to becoming a Doctor. There are exams to be taken, copious amounts of studying and a commitment to helping one’s dental health.

What the career itself entails is maintaining oral health for each patient. This pertains to their overall health. One would have to learn how to properly diagnose, treat and work with various kinds of people, communication is key, examining the head, neck, and mouth, learning how to use the technology in the office. The dentist also assists with chewing, speech, digestion, sleep patterns and appearances.

The term dentist is also an umbrella for specialist going beyond dentistry. A specialist is doctors working with nerves, oral surgeons, Orthodontic, doctors who handle devices, and many other specialized doctors. These doctors would have to go back to school to further their training to become one of these. For being a dentist one would have to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree then attend a four-year professional dental school after Bachelor’s degree is obtained. After the student earns those, they need to get a Doctor of Dental Surgery or a Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree, this would lead to earning a license for examination preparation. The students would take an Aptitude Test for Dental school. Students should have the test finish fifteen months before attending Dental School.

For new dental students, most schools would have common prerequisite classes such as General Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology. There are other ones such as Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, and so forth. Again, these are all the prerequisite classes for most schools. Note, some schools would have a different kind of these prerequisites.

Students in the dental program, the first two years be studying on the mouth and around it. Studying everything and anything dealing with mouth and body. This part of the education will take place in the classroom and labs. Students in the final two years would be more hands on. Students will learn from a professional and skilled dentist at this time. Depending on the state, students will take different kinds of exams. Depending on the location students would have an option or not shadow a Dentist.

The path to becoming a dentist also includes having different research programs. Research programs would need to be applied from the American Association of Dental Schools Application Services (AADSAS). Certain dental programs would for extra information beyond the application. After the application students would be invited for an interview. Early applications are necessary before or by early July. Strong applicants would have high scores on the DAT, eighteen points or better for every section. A high-grade point average. Everything that a student has done before entering into a research program.

After the learning and research are completed, students need to continue maintaining their license to practice. It truly means keeping up with new trends and medical discoveries to keep the license. Students would need to complete their postgraduate training. They would need two to four years worth of training. Students who are aiming to become specialist would have to take up two years of resident training. This would follow after they decide to become a specialized doctor.

Those who want a career in dentistry these are some things to think about. If this is something one wants then applying for a school is the first step.