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Andrew Kelson, DDS

At Dental Horizons, we understand and cater to the varying and individualized needs of patients, which explains why we see ourselves as a one-of-a-kind Longmont dental practice. We serve the community of Longmont, Boulder and the surrounding area, not only as health care providers, but as a positive influence in our community. Longmont dentist, Dr. Andrew Kelson sees the creation of value as an ongoing process. It starts with your First Visit and continues with you every time life gives you reason to smile. Through your input and our staff’s commitment to stay on top of the latest and best in new oral health practices, we continually add value so we can offer you the best possible path to oral healthcare. If you see many smiling faces, our office may be nearby! So whether you are looking for a Longmont dentist or a dentist in Boulder, we would love to serve you.

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 Dental Horizons

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The care we provide is comprehensive, quality, predictable and long-lasting to achieve your optimal oral health. We believe a healthy smile is often the vanguard of a healthy body and attitude. Your smile is the ever-present product of our efforts.


Every member of Dental Horizons shares a deep appreciation for the communities that we serve across Longmont, Boulder and smaller connected towns. While we work on creating a healthy smile, we realize helping those in need creates a bigger reason to smile. These two ideas are inseparable. Our smiles come from helping you attain the joy of oral health and being an active member in our conglomerate community. Moreover, we encourage our colleagues, product providers, and patients to also take a proactive position in our community.

What Our Patients Says

“Kimmie always makes me feel comfortable and provides excellent service every time I see her! She is so good at her job that I requested she put in my file that I always want to see her for my appointment.” ~ 1/2016

“Dr. Kelson is great! Annie is terrific, scheduled next visit on one of her days. Thank you, kind regards.” ~  Brian 1/2016

“I was very happy with the service. The staff was very nice and funny. I was going into this scared, but they made my day better. I’m looking forward to my next visit.” ~ Carlos 2/2016

“I appreciate Judy putting a note into the computer to have the staff prep a “warm pillow” for when I come in next time to have a crown completed! It’s those little services that makes you feel Dental Horizons really individualizes care! A shout out to Kimmie too, for your gentle education reminders. At the end of the day, you and Dr. Kelson never make me feel like a number. I appreciate everything you do for my care!” ~ Monica 2/2016